Be kind to yourself.

‘Be kind to yourself’… it’s one of my key phrases I’ve always used in my nursing career… This is a story about how things have been for me over the last few months… I wasn’t kind to myself at all….Strap yourself in… it’s a little personal but I think it’s very important to share these […]


One of my biggest beliefs is that we must work in partnership with our patients. It’s not only mandated by The Code (Number 2…right at the top) but it’s one of my core beliefs. You can’t do mental health care TO someone. You have to do it WITH them.  Sometimes this is further than just […]


Stigma is a problem that needs to be tackled within the world. But especially within nursing. As a mental health nursing student, I try to fight against the stigma that people living with mental illnesses face every day. People saying that mental illness isn’t real. They just need to get a grip some say. Man […]

What is Mental Health Nursing?

It should be an easy question to answer but I really had to sit down and think about it. First, consider our patients. This can be anyone. The statistic banded around is that 1 in 4 people will have a mental health problem in a year. 1 in 6 report having to deal with common […]


It’s something I’ve heard about. Something happens and you’re just stunned and can’t talk.  Forgive me. I’ve been fairly quiet on social media (for me!). I’m having that issue at the minute. I’ve been having a bad time of it. Some personal issues – very long story but over it now. I was feeling much […]

Accident and Emergency

A&E. Accident and Emergency. Emergency.  Just remember that.. it’s important for what follows. Though it seems that some wish to dissuade people from A&E if they’re in MH crisis. Not in so many words but the message is there. At Congress #RCN17 there was a motion to discuss lobbying for A&E to NOT be a […]