This is the beginning


Well… today was a good day. A little back story to this story. A few weeks ago myself and Hannah were taking part in a Student #WeNurses chat about student support. The subject turned to nursing societies and Hannah remarked upon the fact that Salford’s had sort of wilted a bit.

Enter one of our lecturers, Wendy,  who suggested that she reignite it….and I don’t know..somehow my name came up ( it usually does..) so we decided to give it a go. We spoke with one of the old committee who gave us some pointers.

The first meeting there were only 6 of us. We decided to delay elections so we could get the word out a little bit. Meanwhile Hannah was diving into the bureaucracy  of releasing the twitter account and gmail which is a whole other story. Over on Facebook, through efforts of speaking to different cohorts, announcements on Blackboard managed to grow the group to over 200 on the group which is an achievement in itself.

So today was the election.. which was a fairly simple process given that none of us were opposed in our positions. I am now the official co-chair of the society along with Hannah. SQUEE


Around 15 people turned up this time and spent the 2 hours discussing ideas and socialising.. which is a point of a society really.. and then the committee was agreed. I really enjoyed today. It was nice to chill out and chat with people that I don’t really know and get to know them.

I’m quite a modest person and do not like praise in any way shape or form. I’m hard working and want to do the job in front of me giving it 100%. Although I’m very proud to be a part of something I hope will be a lasting thing!


It’s into the great unknown! Time to think of ideas. Who do we want to collaborate with? What events do we want to do ?  Who do we want to help? All questions that will be answered over the very near future.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Hannah, Nur, Maeve, Karen, Ashley and Claire, the new committee, and in collaboration with the university staff!





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