Leadership’s a funny thing.

Some people think leadership can only come from someone senior. An authority figure. A manager. A matron. A lecturer at university.

Not. True.

If you put your mind to it. Or not as my case seems to be.

I recently took part in one of my optional modules where we have had to put together a group presentation. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and shared that with everyone…we all got on with our work and brought a lot of information together rather quickly.  At the end of this, all the other members of the group commented that we wouldn’t have got as far as we had….had I not been part of the team and led. I was a bit taken back if I’m honest. I just got on with my work. Clearly I’m a subconscious leader. Natural. Who’d have thunk it.

I think that’s the best kind of leadership. Or the leadership I aspire to do. Leadership by example. The kind of leadership that isn’t coercive or prescriptive. Just the kind of way of showing people: you can do it this way. See. I did it! It makes things more natural I find.

I’m not saying this way will work for everyone. Some people are natural followers and good at following. Often it’s not the first person who is instrumental in making change, it’s the followers. In my own mind, I’m good at this. I’m not so big (read:good) on the whole coming up with ideas. I can take someone’s idea and run with it.. or be critical and know how to adapt it. This is a different form of leadership I think.

I’ll leave you with a great example of this is in this TED talk:





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