Student Quality Ambassadors


SO as of the 30th November, I am a fully fledged and welcomed Student Quality Ambassador. This role relates to my last blog about Leadership.

I’d previously met with the Greater Manchester PEFs as a SQA before the welcome event which was scary exciting!

I made the long(ish) trip to UCLAN in Preston  not knowing exactly what the day would hold. Everyone wandered into the room, not exactly knowing who was going to be there, what was happening or where they should sit.

My colleagues were running a little late so I wandered in on my own but was welcomed by Allan ( @NWStudentNurse ) and then invited by some other students to join their table. Instantly felt welcomed by other students from ManMet, UCLAN and Uni of Manchester. We got socialising and then got started on the day once everyone had arrived. There were some good icebreakers which had been adapted for nursing and then an introduction to the role along with some examples of what the previous SQAs had been up to as well as understanding the website.

Then came the next bit where we got to try on a SQA jacket and other various SQA merchandise along with a tablet that we can use to work on projects. I’m slightly disappointed that the jacket wasn’t available on the day. They looked nice and warm. They’ll come in time!

Next came a wonderfully inspiring and amusing (not unlike my good self) talk from Kerry Pace ( @DiverseLearners ) who spoke at with tremendous passion about the different ways of thinking about the ways we learn and how different people see the world. I definitely jotted down some ideas which popped into my head as Kerry spoke which I’ll be starting some work on very soon so watch this space. She also gave me a good book recommendation (which has now arrived)!

There were more talks about different projects that others had been involved in such as the CLiP project and really selling the leadership and communication potential associated with the role.

Then it was all over! Now begins the hard work. Such potential to create change or improve the quality of someone’s or a student’s education. I’m already in discussion with PEFs at my trust on some bespoke training sessions for students of all branches and also having an idea on something to do with physical and MH services which I’m fleshing out.

At the end of the day I was tired but was filled with possibility and collapsed into my bed something like this:


And at the end I offered Salford’s services for a future venue for a welcome event! The hard work that the UCLAN SQAs had put into setting up the event was just fantastic and (competition always brings this out in me) anything they can do.. we can do better  (Shots fired 😛 )







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