I’m asked questions a lot when doing my training.

One of the most frequent is asking where I want to work when I qualify. Or what I want to specialise in. Or which particular area I have an interest with.

The answer, which often leaves people with a concerned look, is I don’t know. This isn’t because of a lack of interest but because I’m keeping an open mind. I know I’ll need to make a decision but I’m really passionate about MH services that i would be happy working ANYWHERE within it. I know some people think that’s a cop out but I take a different view.

I could be interested in secure services or CMHT or RAID. I have an interest in EVERYTHING mental health. I don’t particularly want to specialise in a certain area. I go into any practice area with an open mind and any interaction is going to be a learning opportunity for me..whether it’s an experience I’ve had before or not.

Quite a co-inky-dink that a video was shared on Twitter from a Dr on this very issue. I swear to god I haven’t plagiarised this but it puts in words what I believe: SEE HERE

I really want to better my knowledge of EVERYTHING. I may not know about some things in great detail but for that you can look that up. You can grow your knowledge in bits.

But I think knowing a decent amount of everything makes you a better holistic nurse. If we pigeonhole ourselves into our little boxes and don’t see beyond that we’re doing our patients a disservice.  Far too many times have I heard the words “I’m just a..” followed by the branch of nursing they are registered in. There needs to be cross branch knowledge and not in a superficial, tick box exercise, mouth service way.

In a real, practical, best for out patients way.




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