It’s something I’ve heard about. Something happens and you’re just stunned and can’t talk.  Forgive me. I’ve been fairly quiet on social media (for me!). I’m having that issue at the minute. I’ve been having a bad time of it. Some personal issues – very long story but over it now. I was feeling much […]

Accident and Emergency

A&E. Accident and Emergency. Emergency.  Just remember that.. it’s important for what follows. Though it seems that some wish to dissuade people from A&E if they’re in MH crisis. Not in so many words but the message is there. At Congress #RCN17 there was a motion to discuss lobbying for A&E to NOT be a […]


I’ve been musing something about services ( yes my brain did hurt a little). These are some thoughts out loud (written) and no semblance of a plan of how to manage this. We’re told that the NHS is a 24 hour, 7 day a week service. But that’s not true for a lot of it. […]


I’m asked questions a lot when doing my training. One of the most frequent is asking where I want to work when I qualify. Or what I want to specialise in. Or which particular area I have an interest with. The answer, which often leaves people with a concerned look, is I don’t know. This […]

Student Quality Ambassadors

SO as of the 30th November, I am a fully fledged and welcomed Student Quality Ambassador. This role relates to my last blog about Leadership. I’d previously met with the Greater Manchester PEFs as a SQA before the welcome event which was scary exciting! I made the long(ish) trip to UCLAN in Preston  not knowing exactly […]


Leadership’s a funny thing. Some people think leadership can only come from someone senior. An authority figure. A manager. A matron. A lecturer at university. Not. True. If you put your mind to it. Or not as my case seems to be. I recently took part in one of my optional modules where we have […]